Where To Look For A Gamer Girlfriend?

All men loves playing video games and it would be a real treasure to find girl gamers who are interested in playing games on PC, PS3, Xbox, Wii or arcade games. Admit it guys, girl gamers are a rare breed! But that doesn’t mean that we can’t snag a girlfriend who’s an avid gamer at heart!

Does it seem like its mission impossible?

Yes, chances of finding a gamer girlfriend is slim but that doesn’t mean they don’t exist. If you’re having a hard time finding girls that are also into video or online games then it’s time to rethink your strategies! It’s all about searching at the right places and having the right attitude. I had written the top 4 most common places that a girl gamer visits all the time, check out these places and I’m sure that you’ll find that gamer girlfriend you’ve been looking for!

Top Places To Find Gamer Girlfriend

Best Places To Find A Girl Gamer:

Gaming Shops

The most common place to go for a natural gamer is a gaming shop. Gamer girls tend to go to these places too look for games and game accessories to play with. Girls consider going into gaming shops as a part of their gaming experience and most of them have their own game collections as well. Girls finds satisfaction with shopping and wants to be updated with games and would not want to be left behind too just like you!


Arcades is the next place to scout for a girl who’s into gaming. These girls love to play in public or along with friends and hooked on challenging games and some of them seek competition with men. Keep in mind that some gaming girls that you’ll find on arcades seeks superiority in some point over their opposite sex.

Game Release Venues

Events such as a game releases attracts girls that are avid gamers and game fanatics too. Like most men, these women are all excited to try and test the newest game as well. From this point, you can already have a glimpse of what kind of games she actually enjoys and use that to get her attention.

Game Tournaments & Parties

Gaming tournaments are like party events for all game lovers and this is the time where girl gamers get that chance to show their expertise, skills, and passion for their games. Maximize your opportunity during these kind of events as girl gamers are into partying mood and would likely be open to meet avid gamers as well.

See, there are great places you can check out and look for girl gamers. It’s now up to you to make that move and get into her gaming experience. You may never know, the next girl that could bump you or bet you in an arcade game could be the one that you had been longing for. Increase your chances on finding a girlfriend who loves video games by utilizing these venues while still enjoying what you love to do — playing games!

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