Wanted: Super HOT Girlfriend!

I always wonder why most men look for a super hot girlfriend that much. Is this a standard criteria now? With no surprise, this preference has also bothered most women these days, some girls embrace and use this to their favor while, unfortunately, some girls are still trying to keep up.

Looking For Hot GirlfriendThinking about how some women had my attention, I then wondered if all other men are thinking the same way too. I asked most of my friends if hot girls gets their attention easily and as I expected their answers where all blatantly “yes”. Mind you, most of them were already married, some are engaged and others had already their long time girlfriends with them.

Again I asked myself, “what do these women have?”

How does men classifies if a girl is hot or not? What does a super hot woman have that others don’t have?

After some research, I’ve come up with specifics on how typical men classify girls if she is hot or not and the rest is purely their own personal preferences.

First thing guys appreciate is the facial looks. Who wouldn’t stare when a beautiful, pretty face is in front of you? Raise your hand! All men tend to look at and scrutinize the girl’s face first before anything else, unless a more captivating thing is in front, ha! That celebrity type of face, whom has the seductive eyes of Charlize Theron or Kristin Kreuk. Having a sexy pillow lips comparable to Anne Hathaway or Angelina Jolie. These are some of the most common facial features that men wants for his dream Venus.

But what if the girl has an average facial looks?

Yes, next thing that men examines is her sexy bod. Who wouldn’t fall for a busty and nice booty babe? Seconds after you find yourself lost in space , feeling high and just saying, “wow!” No men will disagree that these hot curves keeps our libido’s boiling! This is the exact same concept why thousands of sexy advertisements, wallpapers, and men’s magazines of women with hot bodies are selling like hotcakes.

Admit it or not but these things are true. Whether single or not, men are always fascinated with these lovely goddesses that lurks around and teases them. Men loves women, especially when they are appealing to his eyes!

A super hot girlfriend is purely a product of man’s physical desires and rabid behavior. It is the result of the natural animal instincts that all men have since the age of stones. However, this bogus feeling can also blind men in his dating decisions and doing the right thing when it comes to relationships. Men sometimes tend to forget to use proper judgement when we are bounded by this mindset.

Always remember that relationships that are based from purely physical desires doesn’t have strong foundations beneath them. Looking for a long time girlfriend or partner in life can not only be based on physical desires. Relationships also needs to have that inner feelings and emotions that can go beyond what our visuals can go through.

Good luck on your girlfriend hunt!

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Photo Credit: Gary Romin