Planning A Date Wisely – Do’s and Don’ts!

Men are all born with the “giving” type of personality and planning a date is one of these selfless giving encounters that most men undertakes to catch that beautiful girl they want. Besides, most women won’t give a part of their self to you without you doing and sharing it first. However, some of us tend to ignore and underestimate the advantages of a well-planned date. Not only you’re risking your chances of dating her again but an unplanned date means letting all your efforts from Day 1 go down the drain. You don’t want her to think that you’re not making any efforts, don’t you?

Planning a date is crucial especially when it’s your first time to go out with her. That first date where you can actually prepare to amuse and impress her. Why would you let that chance pass by when you can go grab it and take advantage of it? If you’re skeptical on what you should or shouldn’t do, then simply follow these do’s and don’ts when planning a date.

Planning Your Best First Date - What To Do


  • Always have a checklist of everything that your going to do. A list of what you’re planning to do, where to go, what to eat, what to give her. This will serve as your manuscript that will keep you focused on what you are trying to achieve.
  • Consider your financial capabilities. This is the second thing important to do. Most men end up broke after their first dates due to the fact that they bought everything on the first date just to impress the girl. You should set a financial limit on how much you are actually going to spend for this whole thing, taking into considerations some emergencies and unplanned spending.
  • Fix your schedule and arrange the planned date early. Practice good time management and earn to prioritize tasks. Try to divide your time wisely and efficiently so that you won’t have any other unfinished commitments during your first date.
  • Choose your first dating place wisely. Select the venue of your date in accordance to what you wanted your date as a whole to be. Do you want to have a classic romantic date, then go for that candlelight dinner. Do you want her to enjoy the day carelessly with you, then go for a fun island getaway with her.
  • Make sure she knows WHEN and WHAT to wear! Give your girl the time she needs to plan for the date as well. Do it early as possible so that minor or major changes would not affect that much to you first date.


  • Never jump to any conclusions yet. Remember you’re both just starting to know each other and going out with you doesn’t necessarily means she loves you. You need to be open to all possibilities that may arise. Just enjoy everything and keep your mind from thinking and guessing.
  • Never change your important schedules or shift the axis of the Earth just for your date. Always put into your mind that aside from your upcoming date with her, there are tons of important things surrounding you too. The world won’t stop turning because you have your date.
  • Never select a dating place that isn’t fitted to your planned type of date. Not only this causes disappointment, it may turn your date into a disaster too. Make everything appropriate to what your whole theme is.
  • Never depend entirely to someone to do everything for you. This will minimize mistakes and you’ll have the opportunity to add and show your own personality on your planned date. Also, you’ll be sure that the outcome of everything is what you are actually trying to achieve.
  • Never sway or change the direction of what you have planned multiple times. Changing directions may turn your planned date into a mess, especially if you’re dealing with a constrained time frame.

These are just some of the things that can guide you or put you back on track when planning for a date. Put yourself out of stress on what to do on a date by following these simple yet effective guidelines. Amidst the excitement and all these fuss of planning a date with her, do not forget that dating is a sharing stage wherein you are opening yourself to another one. Let your uniqueness flow through and your personality touch her and surely this will be one of her treasured moments with you.

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