What Are The Odds Of Getting A Girlfriend Online – Are You Winning?

Life is a game of chance and we are playing on odds as always. Finding a girlfriend online is not so different when it comes to these tricky and risky chances. You also have to know your odds and what are the edge that you have on getting yourself a new, hot girl. Unfortunately, some men doesn’t take advantage and play the game to their benefit.Chances of Finding Girlfriend Online

Most funny excuse that I hear from most men on the idea of finding a girlfriend online is that “there is not enough girls to find and go around online”, “these girls won’t take me and the relationship seriously”, “I know she’s not interested in me”, “she has a boyfriend in real world”. And thus, these kind of men bury themselves with all these negative mindset.

How about you, do you think its not possible anymore to get a nice, shiny, new girlfriend online because all of them are already taken and has an existing relationships already?

Well, this kind of thinking is purely garbage. And this will not do you any good!

Even if you live in an isolated town there is always a woman that’s destined and reserved for just you. So how much more if you’ve got the whole wide world? The fact is women exist everywhere. And the good thing about meeting girls today is you have the help and the power of the internet.

5 Facts About Finding a Girlfriend Online

  • Guys who believes that there not enough number of girls whom are engaged in online dating will never be successful in finding a girlfriend.
  • There is enough number of women to go around with for each men. Never give up if you failed once, there will always be the second, third, fourth time, so on and so forth.
  • There are almost 3billion women on earth right now and just to calculate the chances and your odds on finding one is much possible. You have 3billion chances of getting one. If you divide the ratio of it within your vicinity, there is approximately a million girls waiting for you!
  • The abundance of the supply is present for you now. The problem is how well you approach and harvest your bounty.
  • Time is not your ally on this quest. You need to hurry up and look for your woman. The earlier you start it the better chances you get.

I always say this, open your mind, follow your heart and you will not regret it. The supply of beautiful women across the globe is abundant, learn to get a hold of it. I guarantee you that you always have the better odds on finding your girlfriend online than any guy out there IF and only if you’ll start ACTING! Don’t wait for her to come to you, GET HER YOURSELF!

Play the game wisely and win the battle young man!

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