Mature Girlfriend – What Turns Older Women On?

Some young guys these days couldn’t resist older women and goes into cougar dating. These hot, young guys prefer dating and is often attracted to older women than those girls same as their age and it’s really amazing why these young guys engage in this kind of relationship. One reason for this is the experience older women has as compared to young girls as they are more experienced and more mature in handling situations that eventually lessens conflicts.

Unfortunately, some guys are finding it really hard to make that older woman interested and get involved with him. Making her notice a young man is a real challenge when it comes to dating older women. You can’t use that same shallow tactics you used on young girls with these type of women, remember they’ve been through all these kind of hype and had probably experienced every kind of Casanova inspired seduction styles.

How To Meet and Date Older WomenSo, what will you do to make an impression on her? Find out what turns these women on!

8 Traits Older Women Seeks In A Guy:

  1. Older women likes men who are tough. They want someone whom they can rely on when it comes to a relationship. They won’t be with a man just to baby-sit him! Toughness assures them that their partner can carry burdens and can struggle along with them.
  2. They want a guy who is trustworthy. They tend to focus on trust on every relationship and they want to make sure that they can trust their partner and be their confidante as these women can have more serious personal issues than younger women.
  3. They get interested on men who are conversant. Women in this age has experienced a lot in life and to be able to keep them interested in you is by those long talks with full of substance. You should be able to keep the conversation with her as this is one of your main force to please them.
  4. Older women wants a guy who has the sense of responsibility. They love men who takes responsibility on every actions they make as most of these women have already kids and that they want guys who can take the responsibility and consequences of every action he makes.
  5. Women loves men who has a sense of humor. Like the rest of the female specie, make her laugh and she won’t forget you!
  6. They like men who are wise. Wise in small things that needs quick decision making. They want men that are fast paced even in handling problems.
  7. They melt like a candle for men who are passionate. Older women longs for appreciation and they are looking for passionate guys who can make them feel beautiful and young.
  8. They fall head-over-heels on men who has the charisma! Don’t forget that just like other girls, these women loves good looking guys too. So keep your grooming skills sharp!

Having an older woman as your girlfriend can surely be satisfying for some young men. He doesn’t have to deal with those tantrums and immature demands of a young girlfriend. But same with other relationships, being with an older woman has its own corresponding needs, issues, obligations, and responsibilities too. If you’ve got some of those traits above and would like to pursue dating an older women then make that move and approach her. Be confident, think ahead before you speak, and most importantly be yourself. And soon enough you’ll be bringing with you your mature girlfriend!

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  1. I’m 36. I’ve been on 2 dates with a gorgeous 52yo woman. We currently have 2 more dates set up. What are some tips for keeping her interested in me? Should I be honest with my feelings towards her? I don’t want to scare her away, but feel I’m really falling for her. Any tips, advice or ideas are greatly appreciated.