How To Know If She’s The Right Girlfriend For You

So you’ve found a nice girl online, been exchanging messages with her for some time now. But why do you feel unsure? Are you ready to go to the next level?

After finding your girl online, definitely there are still certain questions that comes up into your mind. Most of the time, these questions needs answers before you go on to the next step of dating her and making her your beloved girlfriend. Why? These questions are there to help you to know if she’s the perfect one that you’ve been looking for, perfect enough to fit all of your desired criteria and interest. And most importantly perfect to be with you in real world, outside the online world.

Before you go all out giving all yourself to her, try to assess her first. We don’t have forever to spend with every girl we meet online, so it’s best to have some little personality checklist to guide us along the way. Below are 6 helpful qualities that will guide you when looking for the best girlfriend online.


Best Qualities To Look for a Girlfriend OnlineTime is very important to every relationship. Your prospect girlfriend should have the essence of having time with you no matter how busy both of your schedules are. You should check if your girl sets and manages her time well and that she makes sure that some of it is spent with you. Dating once or twice a week is not bad at all. Spending quality time will further strengthen your relationship.


It is her mark of affection to you. She needs to care and show her admiration to you in her own special ways. Girls will show it in different ways, but your girl should make it a point to express her admiration to you once in a while. A simple gesture like “you look handsome today” is enough and can mean tons of things.


A girl that is strong willed and have the dignity is a partner to rely on. Look, you’re not looking for a girl whom will rely on you all the time. You need her to have a proper stance in life.


Basically, it’s all about her ideology in taking in responsibilities of her words and actions. You need to check if she is consistent in all of it. She has to have her own opinion, and you must expect her not to always agree with you. Always remember that your looking for a partner to grow with and not a personal assistant that will do all what you want and not have her own choice. If she is responsible enough, then she should know the difference between right or wrong and between good or bad.


The word itself is self explanatory. Showing respect is synonymous to accepting the person as a whole. Your girlfriend needs to respect you in every way, that same way you respect her as an individual too. An ideal girlfriend gives respect to your family, friends and colleagues. She should accept who, what and where you came from.


This is her desire to be with you and most girlfriends miss this one. Passion is usually expressed by showing how much she desires to be with you in every moment. A simple message or a minute phone call saying “I love you” is perfect example of showing passion. It is an intense feeling and emotion that is directed specially for you. Girls with this kind of attitude considers their boyfriends and partner as a treasure to keep.

These are the 6 characteristics that most men seeks when deciding if his online fling can be upped to a more serious relationship. Let this little personality checklist be a start guide to you whenever you’re looking for girlfriend online and always remember to decide with your intuition along with your feelings.

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Photo Credit: Omar Franco