Finding A Girlfriend – A Piece of Cake?!

Yeah, finding a girlfriend is a piece of cake. Now, say it again loud and clear.


Did you felt the assertiveness?

Most of the time, confidence and self-assurance is just what we need to boost up and push ourselves into achieving that ultimate goal of finding a girlfriend and making her fall in love with you.

Easy Way To Get A GirlfriendHave you ever wonder why there were some chick magnet guys who can swipe any girl off her feet? Have you ever thought how they were doing it?

Fortunately, it is not that hard at all! You just need to learn four steps that men ought to know when looking for a girlfriend.

1. WHO: Know who you really are.

Most men, especially those young ones, are a bit uncertain about who they really are, how they see themselves, what they want, and how they look at life. Examine yourself and identify your strong traits against your weak ones. Use this to your advantage, not only on finding the right girlfriend but also on how you battle with everyday challenges.

2. WHAT: Discover what kind of girl you are looking for.

Traits per se is the key element for a long lasting relationship. Now that you’ve already had yourself internalized and appreciated all of your nature, it is time to think for the kind of girlfriend or partner you want for yourself. Think of the traits that she might have with her that will go along with your traits too.

Are you impatient? Then cross out girls who can be dominating and stiff as you both will most likely just clash. Do you like hiking? Then cow-girl type of girls will get along with you easily.

This is what I call the blending phase. Find something that will compliment the both of you and surely you’ll be going for the real thing.

3. WHERE:  Know where to find her.

After knowing what traits you and your ideal girlfriend have, next thing to know is where to find her. Yes, different girls hang out at different places. After knowing these places where you might meet her, you must make the move to go to these places frequently. Consider going to your favorite coffee shops, bookstores, sporting events if you’re into sports and fitness. Additionally, you will want to go to places where there are many girls and least guys go to like yoga classes. These places will be like a girl haven for you and imagine hanging out with all of these women without other guys competing with you.

See, finding a girlfriend is as easy as one, two, and three! Just keep in mind these three things and put your mind at ease. Be comfortable with yourself and it will reflect outside and girls will see that confidence and definitely will notice you more. Show them what kind of guy you are and how fun it is to be with you and girls will get attracted to you like a real chick magnet does!

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  1. Confidence is what really hinders me from getting to know girls I like. I dont feel like I’m good for her. What will I do? I dont even know what to say to her, cant even look into her eyes…