The Mysteries of Dating – Different Kinds of Feelings!

Dating, a word so broad that it can pertain to different meanings based on how one perceives it. You commonly hear it from teenagers to express feelings on their opposite sex by means of courtship and social interaction. Dating is usually done by two individuals to assess each others likes and dislikes and see if it could go to a more intimate relationship. Almost everyone in this world has been dating or going out with someone. When you go out with someone, you usually feels a different beat deep inside your heart. Those feelings are what makes dating exciting and mysterious!

Mixed Emotions Experienced Before, During and After Dating:

Mysterious Feelings and Emotions When Dating Women


This is the most common feeling that most men experience before engaging into dates. The fear of rejection comes into all of our minds once we go into meeting and dating girls. You are feeling unsure on what you’re doing and especially when it’s the first time that you’re doing it. We all are anxious that our dates might not like this or that, and that she might not want to go out with us again.


Your body is energized like it’s been overwhelming with happiness and joy on what is happening. All of what you’re doing right now comes from your heart and you’re willing to risk anything just to follow what it tells you. You are blissful and always feels that there is something amazing inside you that it is waiting to burst!


This often comes into both you and the women that your dating with, usually when the feeling for each other becomes more deeper. We tend to show this by touching her, calling her, and that feeling of always wanting to see her. We, men, are born to be affectionate and have that gentleman instinct within us. We are created as the stronger human so that we can take care of our women and provide them the best life can offer us.


This is the feeling that most of us are seeking for, that feeling of completeness and fulfilled. It feels like the other missing part of you has been filled and when this emotion comes, you should never take it for granted and go with it! That feeling of contentment and completeness having someone to love to is incomparable.

We may feel these different kinds of mixed emotions whenever we are dating that special one. There are just so many feelings that may arise while you are on a date and don’t make these feelings confuse you and hold you back. Let these mysterious emotions come through and enjoy the feelings. This is the most exciting part of dating someone, you’ll never know what’s going to happen next. Everything is unpredictable so make sure to seize every moment and make the best out of it!

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