Got A Girlfriend? — Avoid Bad Girlfriends On The House!

Not all of us get what we want, specially when it comes to women and girlfriends. Who wouldn’t want that sweet, lovable girl you’ve been thinking of? Unfortunately, some of us are unlucky to have a women who can only be best described as bad girlfriends.

Bad women comes in different varieties that it makes it hard for us to recognize them early on. Oftentimes, you will never know until you’re already trapped within her deadly venom. So before you get yourself locked into their web, its a MUST to learn how to spot them!

How To Recognize Bad Girls

Traits of A Bad Girlfriend To Look Out For:

Does she always ask for something from you that will only benefit her? And if she ask something how often did she asked for it? And did she care whether it would put you on the downside? If she tends to get all of what is yours that nothing is left for you, then it is just time to rethink your relationship with her. Abuse in any form is not good. Stop the abuse now and just find a new girlfriend!

Low Respect Towards You
Has she embarrassed you in front of others? Does she yell at you many times? Does she treat you like you’re her personal slave? These are the signs that you should watch out for. These only means that she does not respect you nor values you as a person. She should be dumped if she has shown you all these signs of disrespect. Save some respect for yourself, move on and find a new girl.

Is she telling you lies all the time? Does she make up stories to make you look bad to your friends? How can you trust her when you don’t know if she’s telling the truth? If she lies to you more often than telling the truth then this just signals that she can’t be trustworthy enough for your love and affection. Remember, dishonesty is a bad foundation in any relationship. It surely won’t last that long without honesty and trust.

Does she shows no interest towards you and does not care and check how you’re doing? Remember the last time she said she loves you without asking to buy her stuffs? If she shows no interest towards you nor doesn’t care about you then it does clearly shows that she is not interested on the whole idea of your relationship anymore. She is not concerned about you in aspects such as emotional, social and physical. If she exhibits these, you can say goodbye and dump her now.

Life is not perfect, reality is that you may get what you don’t need and may not get what you dreamed for. Wake up and take action. Make a change to your life and value yourself more. If you’re not happy with your present girlfriend, then better save yourself now. You can always look for a better girlfriend. Maybe the next woman that you get to know next is the destined girl for you, who knows?

Is she a bad girl? Evil girls will always be evil. Bad girlfriends will always be bad girls.

But the good thing is we always have the choice to make things better! Think it over, it’s better late than never!

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  1. Milan debnath says:

    Hi im milan 29 i have no girl friend. I want a girl friend. Because i think no girl friend not enjaxy the life. Girl friend is hard.